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NPEP-95: NPEP template

  • Issue: #95
  • Status: Provisional


(1-2 sentence summary of the proposal)


(Primary goals of this proposal.)


(What is explicitly out of scope for this proposal.)


(Can link to external doc -- but we should bias towards copying the content into the NPEP as online documents are easier to lose -- e.g. owner messes up the permissions, accidental deletion)


(What new user-stories/use-cases does this proposal introduce?)

A user story should typically have a summary structured this way:

  1. As a [user concerned by the story]
  2. I want [goal of the story]
  3. so that [reason for the story]

The “so that” part is optional if more details are provided in the description. A story can also be supplemented with examples, diagrams, or additional notes.


Story 1: Deny traffic at a cluster level

As a cluster admin, I want to apply non-overridable deny rules to certain pod(s) and(or) Namespace(s) that isolate the selected resources from all other cluster internal traffic.

For Example: The admin wishes to protect a sensitive namespace by applying an AdminNetworkPolicy which denies ingress from all other in-cluster resources for all ports and protocols.


(... details, can point to PR with changes)

Conformance Details

(This section describes the names to be used for the feature or features in conformance tests and profiles.

These should be CamelCase names that specify the feature as precisely as possible, and are particularly important for Extended features, since they may be surfaced to users.)


(List other design alternatives and why we did not go in that direction)


(Add any additional document links. Again, we should try to avoid too much content not in version control to avoid broken links)